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Our Services

YHF is a professional interior design company with rich experience in interior design. In addition to senior designers, our construction team is also experienced and excellent in craftsmanship, which can well match the interior designer's concept and customer requirements, and ensure that the interior design and decoration construction process is complete and accurate. So we are proud to share some of our worker and factory photos. We firmly believe that transparency is the most important service value for our clients.


If you have any inquiries about our designs, you can immediately go to the "Project Galleries" page to learn more about our interior design cases.

Custom-Made Furniture

  1. On-site measurement  

  2. Create furniture design drawings and select materials

  3. Arrange factory manufacturing and production

  4. Delivery and installation

Interior Design

  1. On-site measurement and generate floor plan

  2. Construction drawing and 3D modeling and rendering

  3. Procurement of various materials

  4. Provide professional design services for clients' residential, office and commercial projects for many years

  5. Give professional interior design advice according to your living habits, favorite styles, advantages and disadvantages of your new home, etc., to create an ideal home


  1. On-site construction

  2. Completion of the project

  3. Maintenance

  4. Design a renovation/décor project suitable for customers

  5. The build team will conduct on-the-spot inspections, analyze and understand the layout of the house in details, and make the greatest possible use under limited conditions before planning the renovation project

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